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Silent Hill Oblivion


A true horror themed mod for Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, based on Konami's award winning console horror series. Silent Hill is an exploratory quest mod. In Silent Hill fashion your character will end up lost in the misty medieval world until they uncover the dark secrets hidden in the fog. 


This project was suspended in 2009 due to the development of Reclaiming Sancre Tor.


Winterfell & Godswood


Based on the HBO mini series Game of Thrones, I was inspired to begin development on Winterfell and the adjoining Godswood, for my first foray into modeling and Skyrim modding for release. The mod will encompass the city space, NPC life, mini quests, and more.


This project was suspended in 2011 after Skyrim's release. The major city, Whiterun, already seems to have been heavily inspired by Winterfell so made this project seem redundant and Blender capability is lacking.

Alduin's Fallen

Alduin's Fallen is a story based guild modification that adds a warrior guild of Nordic Dragon hunters to Skyrim with a unique storyline to immerse the player in their questing. Players will be able to rank up and join their dragon hunting brethren to bring down Alduin's Fallen: seven unique dragon generals bent on the annihilation of all men and mer. The player will travel to unique lands, delve into dark places, and uncover the darker purpose for Alduin's return.

This project was suspended in 2013 due to the development of Unwritten: Echoes of Twilight which was inspired by the Dragon Hunters of Alduin's Fallen