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Unwritten: Echoes of Twilight

A shadow looms on the horizon when an ancient foe returns from the depths of the abyss to stake a claim on the land of Midengard. The old ones whisper a prophecy and the fate of our worlds will lie on the shoulders of an Unwritten; a rare legendary figure who is unbound from the wheel of fate and who, through their actions, will alter the flow of destiny. The battle for Midengard begins in the heartlands of Aerendwel, where you alone stand in the balance between good and evil, able to choose your fate and change the fate of of the world. As you quest to uncover the truth about the past and your elusive enemy, will your choices bring salvation to the land...or destruction?

Unwritten: EoT is a Single Player RPG in development for Windows PC, XBox One, and PS4 developed by Druid Gameworks

Mill Tavern


The Mill Tavern is based on TES Alliance's long running role playing writing game, Tavern Tales, Skyrim. It adds a fully functional Tavern with player residence, safe storage, a non thieves guild fence, plus some major NPC characters from the writing game and their horses for ambiance. The Mill Tavern is located west of Dragon's Bridge village. While it was designed around the RP game, it's a great mod for any player who's looking to add some Tavern flavor to their game.