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17.June.2011 Follow the Forum

Posted by DarkRider on June 17, 2011 at 9:26 PM

Hail and Fair Greeting Blades Fans!

This will probably be my last Dimension post until after RC1 of Reclaiming Sancre Tor goes live for download. As the days remaining grow fewer now and the pieces of the project fall into place gathering steam toward release I am finding myself painfully short on time, and one of the first things cut was regular updating for the project as it's so time consuming to put together the update material and update threads across three sites including this one. Of course that's not entirely fair to you loyal Blades fans out there who watch for regular updates and pray the project is going well despite the silence.

To counter that I have started the Quickfire Updates thread in the official RST Project Forum on TESA where I will regularly post some short blurb about what I'm doing on RST that day and where the project is at to keep things fresh for those of you who follow the progress routinely. Large thread updates will be few and far between now until after release.

I'll see you on the boards in the meantime my friends, getting close now. :)

Happy Modding



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