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19.October.2011 For Blade and Honor

Posted by DarkRider on October 20, 2011 at 12:35 AM

Hail and Fair Greetings Blades Fans!

Well it's been awhile since I updated the Dimension here, things just got so crazy as RST headed into the end of Beta testing that I had zero extra time for proper updates. My quickfire updates even suffered at times, but were far easier to stay regular with since they were right underfoot. These are things of the past now, there will be no more quickfire updates for RST in the future because well...Reclaiming Sancre Tor is finally out of development! :lol:


At long last Blade Fans RST is complete and ready for release. Tonight Beta Testing closed officially and I've pack the project off to Arthmoor of OC fame for pre-release cleaning. Looks good for public release this weekend. Exciting times!


So where is she now?

Feedback from testers has been very good overall, so I'm eager to see what the community thinks. I'm sure most folks thought this project would never make it after awhile, but here we are and all of you who have followed this project these last years deserve most of the credit...I'll reserve just a bit for myself and my loved ones. :P

Bit of news about release. The project will launch as soon as it comes back from cleaning. Friday (10/21) would be ideal, but we'll say a safe Saturday (10/22) for sure. For the opening release RST will launch exclusively on TES Alliance. This is predominantly for ease of updating in the beginning, it's just easier to manage such large files on my own servers.

In addition, for release I will mirror the assets on www.reclaimsancretor.com for those with a slower internet connection, this mirror is less likely to time out under heavy use. Downloaders will still be required to download the .esp file from TES Alliance for now, until the pack's release stabilizes, without it the mod is useless. Once RST is more publicly stable I will branch her onto other mirror sites for download.

In addition to launching RST's release site, we'll also be unveiling her wiki. We started compiling the RST wiki two years ago, but recently, the site hosting our wiki dropped the software and our wiki was destroyed. This last month, we started a new wiki and my testers have been volunteering their time to rebuild what was lost. At release, the wiki will still be vastly a WIP, but we're endeavoring to have the F.A.Q. from the walkthrough completed to assist players.

After RST's release, I will be wrapping up this year's Halloween Challenge on TESA and then preparing for Skyrim. This site will be receiving an overhaul as well, with RST on her own two feet it's time to turn this site toward my next project, Winterfell & Godswood for Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. In between that, I will be working with voice actors on completing the voice work for RST's second release candidate which is planned to be fully voiced and overhauling TESA, so busy winter ahead for DarkRider.

Cheers for now,


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