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01.November.09: Back on Task

Posted by DarkRider on November 2, 2009 at 1:34 AM

Hail and Fair Greeting my Friends,

The hot sticky days of summer are officially behind us and the essence of autumn is in the air. The cooler weather stirs my spirits and my creativity! Thought it was time to dust the cobwebs off the Dimension, give her a face lift and update my log! :D

Many of you followed along the recent activity on TES Alliance regarding the Halloween challenge: The Oubliette. In an unprecedented manner, 16 modders from the Elder Scrolls Community, novice and veterans, Oblivion Modders and Morrowind Modders, came together to create one massive dungeon crawl in less than a month. Truly a unique feat! For my part I got to play coordinator and helped to tie the whole thing together into a functioning mod. The end result is a truly wonderful playing experience, and I thank everyone who participated in making it happen. Learned a lot of new things that will be applied to next year's Halloween Challenge!

The Oubliette is now released and relatively stable so of course my thoughts return to Sancre Tor, which has been sadly neglected for the last 9 days as finishing The Oubliette required my full attention (even school got sidelined :ohmy:). With the beast feeding happily on the masses I can return to my work.

I will be diving back into the Main Quest build tomorrow. I tested out a number of techniques for RST during The Oubliette that I will now be able to implement further. I have also found a mate to replace my quest building helper so I should have more steady backup. Very good news is that I have bartered a small modding deal with another well known modder, nicoroshi. He is now assisting with some top secret things for RST in exchange for some assistance on his dialogue. This sort of fair trade is a great way to get help when it is scarce....help someone else and get help!

This week I will be modding steadily on RST, with The Oubliette out of the way now WhoGuru and Windmill Tilter will also be back into RST mode to help me get things finished. I have been giving some recent consideration to releasing a non voiced version of RST early and releasing the voiced version later as modder Middark did with Heart of the Dead. The reasons would be of course, faster release, and also, I can take the time to get really solid actors on the cast rather than taking who I can get. I haven't made this decision yet, but I am considering it.

I will update the log again in a week or two with progress news, and I will update the progress bars on BGS then, I haven't been able to do it of late because I need to re-examine my dev plan to see where I'm at. Being focused on a large quest can be disorienting.

Until Next Time!


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